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Dazler Software Acquires Agent and Free Agent

Dazler Software of Carlsbad, California, has purchased the popular and respected Usenet news readers Agent and Free Agent from Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc., a division of Alcatel.

Dazler Software was founded by Charles Dazler Knuff, former CEO of Forté Advanced Management Software, Inc., the company that created Agent. "Agent has come back home", said Mr. Knuff, "and the Dazler team is thrilled to have the chance to give the program new life, to meet the changing needs of our customers."

Very soon, Dazler plans to release a minor upgrade of Agent, to fix a few bugs and ensure that the program runs well under new versions of Windows. Next the company will begin development of Agent 2.0. Mr. Knuff said, "Agent has a worldwide community of users that is deeply loyal and extraordinarily creative. With their help, we'll make Agent 2.0 the very best news and email application."

Dazler will continue to sell Agent at the Forté web site,, and will continue to provide technical support via email and the web site.

Dazler Software is a software development company focused on collaborative Internet applications, and is located in the San Diego area.


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