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Agent 1.92 goes to Beta

We expect the beta period for 1.92 to last at least 2 weeks. We apologize for missing our original May target.

Larger Database

The tremendous response for the Usenet encoding algorithm, yEnc, has led to more downloads and the need for larger archive storage. With 1.92, Agent's database can grow up to 4 times larger, depending on the operating system. In specific, the limit for each .DAT file is 8gb instead of 2gb. Agent maintains one .DAT file per group or folder.

Better Handling of Multi-Part Binaries

As part of our continuing effort to eliminate the need to manually join multi-part binaries, we've addressed all the major issues related to multi-part binaries and the myriad of posting programs. In 1.92, Agent is much more flexible and forgiving in the way it processes multi-part headers. We'd like to thank the Agent Community for helping us round up these issues.

New Version of Free Agent

Last, but not least, we've combined Free Agent and Agent into a single program. When you download Agent, you can operate it as trialware for 30 days. After the trial period, you can either:

  • Purchase Agent with our on-line Order Form
  • Or allow the Agent Trialware to automatically revert to Free Agent

In either case, you won't need to worry about upgrading the program or the database until we release a new version.

Free Agent 1.92 was a significant undertaking that greatly simplifies our lives. At last, we can give our undivided attention to Agent 2.0.


The Forté Team

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