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Agent 1.92 and Free Agent 1.92 are Released

Agent 1.92 and Free Agent 1.92 are now available from our download page. Agent 1.92 is a free upgrade for all registered Agent users. Free Agent 1.92 is, well..., free.

Agent / Free Agent Merge

For the first time, Agent and Free Agent are combined in a single download. When you first run Agent, you can choose to use it in one of three ways:

  • You can purchase a registration key from Forté to fully enable all of Agent's features.
  • You can try out all of Agent's features for 30 days free. At the end of the trial, you can either purchase a registration key, or you can revert to running the program as Free Agent.
  • You can run the program as Free Agent, a news reader-only version with fewer features.

See our Release Notes for a complete description of what is new in Agent and Free Agent 1.92.

What's New Page

We created this part of our web site in response to the huge number of users who keeps asking for more news from Forté. Why don't you email us more often, they ask. OK, we will. But email is intrusive. So, we created our What's New Page and (at your discretion) Agent will remind you to check this page. Shark, Jeffrey, and Chris will work hard to keep this fresh. Feel free to contribute.

Survey Results

Part of What's New at Forté is we are publishing more and more results from our surveys. Find out the Favorite Usenet Activities of the Agent Community. Later this month, Chuck will be posting some very interesting pricing surveys.

International Users

After our survey showed the Agent Community's desire to help with the translations, Mark added a feature so Agent can now load its UI resources from a separate resource-only DLL. This will enable Agent to load the language-specific data at run-time.

Agent 2.0

It's on the forefront of everyone's mind. We're committed to getting multiple-server support out as soon as we possible can. We believe in lots of incremental releases. Go here to read our Upgrade Policy.


The Forté Team

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