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Forté announces Agent 1.93

Agent 1.93

Users have asked us to make Agent 1.92's new line counting behavior a configuration option. They would like us to continue supporting the previous line counting behavior as well. We will address this request and several minor bugs in a new release, Agent 1.93. See Agent's Product Road Map for complete details on Agent 1.93.

Free Agent Development Philosophy

Free Agent 1.92 is the first Free Agent release in years. Suddently, the Agent Community wants to know how we make decisions about Free Agent features. A very popular question is "Why isn't yEnc in Free Agent 1.92?". So we've published our Free Agent Development Philosophy.

Agent Upgrade Policy

We finally published our Agent Upgrade Policy. Please take a moment to read it.

Agent Translation Program

With the advent of Agent 1.92's language translation features, we will soon be offering Agent in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. We will publish a specification and a schedule as part of our Agent Translation Program. Over 1000 users have offered to help with the process. We can't wait to begin work on the Klingon version.

Add-On Tools for Agent

Mark Prince and Jeffrey Kaplan are working hard to publish current information in our Partner Matrix about all the add-on tools that exist for Agent and Free Agent. If you've written a tool or would like to recommend a tool, please email us as


The Forté Team

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