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Development has Begun on Agent 1.93

Agent 1.93 Update

Mark has begun work on Agent 1.93. He's already fixed a few minor bugs and now he's in the process making Agent's line counting behavior more flexible. See the Product Road Map for more details. We're not ready to publish a target release date. Monitor the Agent Progress Alerts on our Home or What's New pages for periodic updates.

Reviving the Agent FAQ

After several years of neglect, the Agent FAQ is undergoing a remodel. Shark and Jeffrey have updated all the old entries and are in the process of adding many new ones. You can monitor their additions by visiting our What's New page.

In addition, each FAQ Entry contains a Feedback link where you can:

  • Rate whether you found that FAQ Entry to be useful.
  • Submit comments on how to improve the FAQ.

We strongly encourage the Agent Community to submit feedback on our FAQ. In particular, we'd like to invite the readers and posters in alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent to pass along their comments.

Agent Translation Program

This week, Chris and Mark will finalize the the Agent Translation Kit. This initial version of the kit will contain:

  • Source code for all the translation resources.
  • A resource compiler for producing the object code.
  • A linker for creating the language DLL.
  • Documentation.

We have Translation Teams standing by to produce versions of Agent and Free Agent in Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. See Agent Translation Program for more details.


The Forté Team

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