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Agent 2.0 Begins Internal Trials

Agent 2.0 Internal Trials

Forté is pleased to announce that it has begun internal trials of the Agent 2.0 port based on the wxWidgets development platform. The port will ensure that Agent's architecture can efficiently support the next generation of features and services.

Beta trials for the Agent 2.0 port will begin shortly after internal trials are completed. During the Agent 2.0 beta trials we will be releasing an array of new features for digital collectors and collaborators, including features that simplify the Agent user experience. Forté will announce the new Agent 2.0 pre-launch upgrade promotions and pricing once the initial beta trials have been completed.

We will be increasing the size of our Agent beta team to help us test Agent 2.0. If you're interested in joining this team, subsequent announcements will provide information on how you can participate.

Agent Usenet (APN) Beta Trials

Forté has entered the final beta trial phase for its new Agent Usenet (APN) offering. More than 200 Agent customers, including many who currently subscribe to other premium NNTP services, have taken part in the beta trials. We want to thank our beta testers for providing us with invaluable information and suggestions on features, functionality, and pricing for the new APN service. We expect the final phase of the APN beta trial to be completed during September.

The Forté APN offering will provide customers with high retention and completion rates along with multiple offerings from measured to unlimited downloads and high-speed or dial-up connections. Additionally Forté will provide the same world-class customer support that users of Agent have come to expect. Forté will announce the availability and pricing for the APN service upon the completion of the beta trials.

Forté's Objective

Forté is a small, highly focused group of people working together with a worldwide team of customers via the Internet to define and create the next generation of products and services. The releases of Agent 2.0 and APN are an integral part of Forté�s two-year roadmap for the evolution and expansion of products and services.

Forté's ongoing mission is to provide our customers with highly innovative software and network services, enhancing their experience and participation in the self-organizing social space known as Usenet.


The Forté Team

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