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Agent 2.0 is Released

Agent 2.0 Upgrade Programs

Forte is pleased to announce the release of Agent 2.0, the initial version of the next generation of our award winning Usenet news reader and email program. This release of Agent is based on a port to wxWidgets. It includes many new features and enhancements, and lays the foundation for exciting features we will introduce in upcoming versions.

The port has touched every area of Agent, and in order to ensure a stable, high-quality release we have run an extended development and beta-test cycle. We will deliver support for multiple news servers in the upcoming Agent 2.1 release. Please refer to the Agent Road Map for additional feature and schedule information.

The following outlines the Agent 2.0 Upgrade and Promotion Programs available to Agent users:

New Agent Buyers

Anyone who purchases Agent 1.93 on or after December 9th, 2003, or purchases Agent 2.0 will receive the Agent 2.1 multiple news server release and all upcoming 2.x upgrades at no additional cost. Please refer to the Agent Upgrade Policy for additional upgrade information.

Agent 2.0 Upgrade Promotion

All registered Agent 1.x customers may upgrade to Agent 2.0 during the Upgrade Promotion for $15. This Promotion will expire with the release of Agent 2.1.

Agent 2.1 Upgrades

With the release of Agent 2.1 the standard upgrade cost for registered Agent 1.x customers will be increased to $19.

A Word Of Thanks To Agent Users

The team at Forte would like to extend its thanks to Agent users worldwide for believing in us and remaining loyal. It has been a long and difficult path for all of us to launch a new generation of Agent. During 2004 Forte will again take the lead with new and innovative Agent products and services.

Forte's Objective

Forte is a small, highly focused group of people working together with a worldwide team of customers via the Internet to define and create the next generation of products and services. The Agent 2.x Development Program, and Agent Usenet (APN) services are an integral part of Forte's future roadmap. Forte's ongoing mission is to provide customers with highly innovative social software and network services to enhance their experience and participation in the self-organizing social space known as Usenet.


The Forté Team

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