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Agent 2.0 Product Update

We know many of your are concerned about Agent 2.0 and we'd like to put those fears to rest.

Renewed Focus

With Tom Gold re-joining our team, Mark Sidell and Chris Beck are focused 100% on Agent Development. It wasn't like we were goofing off before, because we've already made good progress on 2.0. Now we've eliminated any distractions.

Providing Visibility

It's also time to give the Agent Community more visibility into Agent 2.0. So, we've updated our Product Roadmap to reflect the feature content of this release. And, we will continue to publish news bulletins that keep you informed of Agent's design and development. With your help, Agent will continue to be the finest news reader and email program on the 'Net.

Delivery Dates

We are not ready to publish an official delivery date. Instead, we will do everything in our power to provide you with tangible proof of our progress and committment. Our goal is to get beta functionality into the hands of users as early as possible. This will give the Agent Community time to experience the software and provide feedback.


Our Upgrade Policy hasn't changed. There will be an upgrade charge for Agent 2.0 and there will be a grace period for users who purchase Agent 1.9x just prior to the release of Agent 2.0.

To Our Users

Finally, we'd just like to thank our users. The support of the Agent Community in both software purchases and collaboration has enabled us to chart a bold, new course for the company and the Agent product line.


The Forté Team

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