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Letter from the President

Dear Agent Users:

I would like to thank our Agent customers for their support of Forte during the development of Agent 3.0. Agent .99 was released 10 years ago and its initial architecture and that of the Agent 1.x series more than met the needs of our early customers. However, Usenet and customer requirements evolved so we created Agent 3.0 to meet the changing requirements.

In January 2003 we made a long-term strategic decision to bite the bullet by undertaking an extensive re-write of Agent's internal architecture. Agent 2.0 and now Agent 3.0 represent the culmination of our 2.5-year development effort and an investment of over $2 million by Forte.

As part of our investment in Agent we also funded our first parallel development team. This new team has been working on new functionality for upcoming Agent releases while Agent 3.0 was under development. While the wait has been long we believe that our investment supports an exciting future for Agent.

As part of our launch we will be providing free upgrades to Agent 3.0 for all registered users of Agent 2.0. Additionally, any customer upgrading to or buying Agent 3.0 is eligible for a free trial account of our Agent Usenet (APN) service. This gives customers the chance to experience Agent's new multiple server capability using our high-speed Usenet servers.

The Agent Team and I are bullish about Agent's future and we would like to extend our thanks to Agent users worldwide.


Charles Dazler Knuff


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