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Agent 3.0 supports Virtual Servers

Virtual Servers Released

Forté has released an upgraded version of Agent 3.0 to the Beta Team that provides "Virtual Server" functionality.

Virtualizing news servers gives you complete control over how headers and bodies are retrieved. In conjunction with the Agent's new Task Manager, virtual servers enables you to:

  • Retrieve headers from multiple servers to ensure the most complete set of headers.
  • Retrieve headers from a single server and retrieve bodies from a list of other servers (see the example on your right).
  • Manage access to premium and free servers so you can balance performance versus cost.
  • Participate in private newsgroups (from your ISP and other sources) with no additional configuration.

Beta Team Expanded

In addition to releasing the Virtual Server feature in Agent 3.0 we continue to increase the number of beta testers to expose Agent 3.0 to a wider population of different machines, configurations, and operating systems.

Agent 3.0 Upgrade Policy

Agent 3.0 has taken over one year to develop. The new user interface and automation architecture sets the stage for all future Agent releases and new Agent applications currently under development.

Agent 3.0 will be provided as a free upgrade to all registered Agent 2.0 users.

The extensive beta testing we are currently going through will ensure Agent's legendary quality. We appreciate your patience, as we get closer to General Release.


The Forté Team

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