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Agent 3.2 Released to Beta

We have released the initial build of Agent 3.2 to the Agent Beta Team. The beta process will consist of a sequence of incremental releases that enables the Agent Beta Team to provide timely feedback. Here is an overview of what to expect in Agent 3.2:

Multiple Email Accounts

Agent 3.2 enables you to collect email from multiple POP servers and send email via multiple SMTP servers. Our new Email Account Wizard guides you through adding new accounts with a simple, step-by-step process. Agent's Task Manager will send and receive email messages in parallel with Usenet tasks for maximum throughput.

Multiple Personas

Protect your identity on the Internet by creating personas for both email and newsgroup postings. Personas determine how your from address, signature and other header fields (e.g., Organization and Reply To) are populated when composing messages. Agent 3.2 includes new folder properties that allow you to customize your persona for each newsgroup.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)

Ensure your privacy with SSL, an encryption protocol for establishing a secure connection between your computer and a server on the Internet. Agent provides SSL for both news (NNTP) and email (POP & SMTP) connections.

Forte continues to release new email and Usenet functionality for the Agent family of products. We are also evaluating new service offerings to complement Forte's Agent Usenet (APN) Service.


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