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Forté Releases Agent 5.0

Forté is pleased to announce the general release of Agent 5.0, offering a wide array of powerful new features. Agent 5.0 is a major upgrade with functionality that benefits all Agent users. In direct response to customer feedback, Agent 5.0 provides significant improvement in the usability of existing Agent functions as well as providing requested new features. Whether you use Agent for text groups, binary groups or email, we think you'll love this upgrade.

Agent 5.0 includes the following features and enhancements:

Nested Folders

Organize your Folders Pane into hierarchies that fit your requirements. Nested folders mesh seamlessly with Agent’s desks. You can drag and drop folders where you want them, use auto-complete to find your target folder, move/copy/import/route messages to any folder in the hierarchy.

Tabs for Open Windows

Each open window in Agent 5.0 displays a tab so you can easily navigate among various tasks in Agent. Use tabs to display open browser windows, the Task Manager, Composition Window, Usenet Filters window and Email Filters window. Tabs are also labeled for easy navigation. And yes, tabs are optional.

Restore the State of Open Windows When Restarting Agent

To take full advantage of tabbed windows, Agent now gives you the option of restoring all windows which were open when you last closed Agent.

Remember Default Window Positions

Agent remembers the most recent position and size of each type of window (browser, filters, task log, task manager, and composition window), for opening new windows. For example, if you always like your composition windows positioned at a particular spot on the screen, Agent will always place them there.

Filter Usenet Message by Message-ID

This can be a great spam-fighting feature. Some posters may be clever in how they mix up the subject and author fields of spam messages, but often the messages they send have a common factor in each message-id. Use the message-id as part of Agent’s expression language to fine tune your Usenet filters.

Faster Sample-by-Date

Today's Usenet service providers offer groups with literally millions of messages. Agent's sampling features are designed to let you try the newsgroup without downloading a large number of headers. Agent 5.0, uses a different process for performing sample by date (it uses a binary search to zero in on the starting message) which can be significantly faster than with previous versions of Agent.

Date Filtering in Message Views

Message views are a quick and powerful way to determine what messages you see in the Message List pane. You can view all unread messages (or all read messages), messages that are marked keep, or watch, or ... any combination of various message properties. Agent 5.0 adds the ability to view only messages with dates in a specified range.

Other Changes

Agent 5.0 also includes bug-fixes and other minor features. Full details are in the Agent 5.0 Release Notes

Agent Usenet (APN) Promotion

When you purchase Agent 5.0 you will also receive a free 12 GB / 3 month account (36GB total download) for Agent Usenet (APN). Forté's APN service allows you to experience Agent's multiple server capability with our high-speed Usenet servers.

About Forté

Forté develops the Agent family of products; Agent 5.0 is the most powerful news reader and email program for managing communications available today. Forté also provides Agent Usenet, a high-speed Usenet news service feed. Forté is also developing web based networking for groups and organizations.


The Forté Team

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