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Agent Usenet Beta Trial Update

Phase 1 of the Forté Agent Usenet (APN) beta trials for measured services has begun! We are currently using the information and suggestions from our beta testers to make changes to the Forté APN service and the feeds from our news providers. Shortly we will begin Phase 2 of the APN beta for our unlimited/unmeasured service offering for high-speed and dial-up subscribers.

We will be notifying all people who signed up to participate in the APN beta test with their selection status via email. If you don't hear from us immediately, please be patient. We are phasing in testing of the service, and we may not be able to accommodate all who have signed up to participate. The Phase 2 APN trials will run through August, at the conclusion of which we will make both the APN pricing and APN services generally available on the Forté web site.

The APN offering is an integral part of Forté's two-year roadmap for the evolution and expansion of Agent products and services. The upcoming sequence of Agent 2.x beta trials will bring an array of new features for both digital collectors and collaborators, including wizards to simplify the Agent and APN user experience.

If you are interested in taking part in the Forté APN beta trials, please sign up. We are limiting the trials to 200 beta testers, so we apologize in advance if we cannot accommodate you.


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