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Get More Gigs with Agent Usenet

The overwhelming success of Forté's high speed Agent Usenet (APN) service free trial offer has doubled our APN subscriber base. This growth allows us to increase the GB allocations for our subscribers without raising our prices. Here are the new levels, effective immediately:

  • 7 GB for $2.95 a month
  • 14 GB for $5.95 a month
  • 50 GB for $9.95 a month

Existing customers don't need to do anything. Your accounts will be updated automatically.

Free APN Trial for Agent Upgrades or Purchases

Try a Free 7 GB account for up to 3 Months (total of 21 GB) with a new purchase or upgrade to Agent 3.1. You control the free trial -- you can initiate the trial account at any time and you will only be billed if you sign up for the service at the end of the trial period. Upgrade to or buy Agent and you can experience our high-speed Usenet servers using Agent's new multiple news server capability.

About Forté

Forté is focused on developing new email and news reader functionality for the Agent family of products. We are also developing new service offerings to complement Forté's Agent Usenet (APN) Service.


The Forté Team

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