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Agent Usenet goes Big on Gigabytes and Retention

Forté is pleased to announce a major upgrade to our Agent Usenet (formerly APN) now with more GBs and amazing retention for binary and text files.

Agent Newsreader 7.0 is also available with functionality that accommodates the dramatic increase of binary retention in our new Agent Usenet.

Amazing New Retention Levels

Forté has upgraded our Agent Usenet data centers. Our new servers provide more than 1,500 days of binary retention and more than 8 years of text retention. That's an increase of 150%!

The new Agent Usenet Servers also provide uncapped connections with over 99% completion rates to more than 100,000 Newsgroups.

More Gigs for Same Low Price

Agent Usenet has also significantly increased the GB’s for each of our monthly plans. Our $2.95 offering has increased by 33% (from 15GB → 20GB) and is now the best price on the Internet.

$2.95 | 20 GB  Best Price Anywhere!
$5.95 | 45 GB
$9.95 | 90 GB
$14.75 | Unlimited

Upgrading your Agent Usenet

Your upgrade experience should be smooth and simple. New Agent Usenet subscribers will automatically be using the new servers. Existing Agent Usenet subcribers will need to follow the Agent Usenet Upgrade Instructions.

Upgrading to Agent 7.0

Forté has re-engineered Agent Newsreader 7.0 to accommodate the capacity and size-related issues created by the huge growth of Usenet data.

Upgrade to Agent 7.0 from any version of Agent for just $19 and access Usenet data from any service provider including the Agent Usenet.

Enjoy Agent Newsreader 7.0 and the Agent Usenet! If you have any questions, please contact us.


The Forté Team

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