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Agent Usenet Adds SSL

Forte's Agent Usenet (APN) has added secure Usenet communications using SSL.

  • Available for all tiers, measured and unlimited
  • No additional cost
  • Nothing to do but enable it in your news reader
  • Available on port 563 (Agent's default) or port 443

To enable SSL in Agent, go to your news server configuration (Tools menu, Servers & Accounts) and check the box "The server requires a secure connection (SSL)." Note that SSL is not required to use APN, so if you don't want to use SSL, just leave this box unchecked.

Buy Agent 6.0, Get APN Free for 3 Months

When you purchase Agent 6.0 (new copy or upgrade) you will receive a free 12 GB / 3 month account (36GB total download) for Agent Usenet.

About Forte

Forté develops the Agent family of products. Agent 6.0 is the most powerful news reader and email program for managing communications available today. Additionally Forté provides Agent Usenet, a high-speed Usenet news service feed. Forté is also developing social communication software for individuals and groups.


The Forté Team

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