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Mark Prince and Ana Beck join the Agent Support Team

First of all, the entire Agent Team wants to thank all the new and existing users for their incredible support of Agent 1.91. In return, we are doubling the size of our support staff from two to four.

For the past three years, Jeffrey Kaplan and Lois Cloud have done an amazing job supporting the Agent Community by themselves.

Now, Mark Prince and Ana Beck have joined the team. Prior to Forté's Dark Ages, both Ana and Mark were an integral part of Agent's beginning.

Please, follow those links and get to know the Agent Support Team.

The 1.91 Release

OK, we admit it. We were overwhelmed on the release of Agent 1.91. Our download servers were hammered and it was very, very frustrating for users who wrote in looking for help. The demand for yEnc exceeded everyone's expectations.

Now, with our expanded support team, we are in a much better position to handle a sharp increase in support traffic. We'd also like to thank two of our partners, GigaNews and smr-usenet for providing us with download links.

Technical Support

Mark and Jeffrey provide our technical support. In addition, they are responsible for reading all the Feature Requests and Bug Reports and and funnelling them into development. This allows Mark Sidell to focus on new features.

In the future, we will provide greater detail about our development process to increase the Agent Community's visibility and influence over our Product Roadmap.

Customer Service

Lois and Ana are our customer liaisons. If you have questions about orders, registration keys, or any non-technical issues, your emails are handled by Ana and Lois.

Ana and Lois are instrumental in most of the changes to our Web site and our company policies. When you Contact Us, they make sure your voice is always heard.


The Forté Team

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