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Tom Gold re-joins the Agent Team

After four long years at corporate America in the enterprise software space, Tom Gold has re-joined the Agent Team.

Prime Directive

Tom's immediate goal is to ensure that Mark Sidell and Chris Beck devote 100% of their time to Agent 2.0. At a small company, you are forced to wear a lot of hats. Forté is no different. However, in just his first week, Tom confiscated all of Mark and Chris's hats except one - Agent Development.

In the early 1990's, the original Forté hired Tom to solve a similar problem and the result was Agent's long-awaited initial release, Agent .99. Without Tom, we still might be working on that release.

How Does He Do It?

Tom does it by taking care of all the details that other people won't or shouldn't be doing.

  • He tracks the bugs
  • He interacts with partners
  • He runs our meetings
  • He writes the help and user manuals
  • He listens to us whine
  • He calls and asks if we ever need anything
  • He keeps us focused
  • He elevates the team

Agent Roadmap

Tom just suggested that I "get back to work" and update the Agent Roadmap, so the Agent Community knows what's going on with Agent 2.0. As you can see, Tom is looking out for you folks as well.


To find out more about the man, the myth, the legend...see Tom Gold's Biography.


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